Thursday, August 19, 2010

Stheno's Fang

"Fury and Aggression." Sesska demanded.  "Lethal and beautiful, an instrument worthy of my sisters name."

"Yes Mistress." Her Child replied. His tools forced the brass to take shape.  Twin serpents entwined, their tails formed around a steel core stretched out.  The glow of the forge bathed all in crimson, the dagger gleamed.

The finished blade was passed to her new champion, who accepted it with reverence.  "Use this to destroy those that have slain your brothers and sisters and defiled our home." She commanded.

"With Setan's blessing, I shall!"  Her champion rose to his feet. 


Stheno's Fang is a magical brass double tipped dagger.  While it gives no bonus to hit or damage, it is perpetually poisonous, though it is a somewhat weak poison, giving a +3 bonus to the saving throw.  The dagger is highly aligned with chaos, and any neutral or lawful character attempting to use this weapon has a 50% chance per attempt to injure themselves rather than their intended victim.

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  1. I really like the Chaotic bend of this weapon. I can see players who stab themselves repeatedly. Not my players, but someone else's.