Saturday, August 7, 2010

Spell Frame

The Magus literally crackled with energy.  His skin shined with the power that swirled around him, with the death he would bring to his enemies.  He knew they were coming, and he was prepared.  It would be the last night they would ever see. 

Ages ago, back when Dungeons and Dragons was Advanced and seconded, I was, for a while, completely intrigued by the idea of the mythal and Myth Drannor specifically.  I mean, it basically turned the entire city into one giant magic item.  My brain worked overtime on this concept, and eventually a much lesser version worked it's way out.  I unfortunately have no idea where my original write up for it went.  I found a refernece to it while going through some old gaming papers, but not the spell itself.  The basic idea was to allow a wizard to set up a framework of arcane energy by sacrificing a high level spell slot that would allow him to store extra spell energy that he could use to basically trigger a bunch of lower level spells all at once. Basically it would allow a magic user to give up a 7th level spell for 3 third level spells - say two fireballs and a lightning bolt.  And those three spells could all go off at once, since they were precast.  I don't believe I ever got to playtest it, but I thought that I would share it and see if there was any interest in the idea.


  1. So you sacrifice one of your mighty spells to cast a couple of lesser spells that you could cast anyways if you weren't so impatient?

  2. Pretty much, yes. The big difference is that you'd be able to cast them all in the same round. It's a rather specific type of contingency spell.