Thursday, August 5, 2010


Unfortunately I am not in Indianapolis right now.  I wish I was, as I've wanted to be for the last... oh... since GenCon moved to Indianapolis. And before that I wanted to be in Milwaukee.

I have never been to GenCon, or any other gaming convention for that matter.  I have been to a number of different cons that included gaming, but I really want to go to the big one.  The chance to see... well... everything.  Vendors, fellow bloggers, game designers, and the lady from the quilt store. 

The lady from the quilt store?

It turns out that Linda, the lady who runs the local quilt store is a gamer, and is on her way to GenCon.  I know this because she sent an e-mail encouraging everyone to keep stitching while she attends GenCon for the 26th time!!

Well, at least now I know who to ask about the local gaming scene!

On the other hand, I really need to get to GenCon next year. 

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