Saturday, October 24, 2015

Star Wars Interlude #3

This session was held on 10/23, and the report written by Nadia.

Teyla, Minor Jedi, daughter of a moderately influential crime lord (Hanna, absent)
21B-Em-Dee, medical droid, tasked to monitor Teyla by the crime lord (Allison)
Takata, Smuggler, owner of the Decade Pigeon (YT-1300) in debt to the crime lord (Erik, absent)
TeeTee'ee, ship's engineer/tinkerer (Nadia)
Mal, Bounty Hunter (Julia)
Davessi Frey, Space Pirate (Mollie)

It’s been a while, but last we left our heroes, they were out at a warehouse looking for clues on the opera house kidnapping. Takata and Teyla have driven back to meet up with Cass. 21B-Em-Dee and Teetee’ee, having been left at the wear house to wait if any people show up, have decided to station themselves at the third floor catwalks for a better perspective. Teetee’ee wedges a metal door from one of the offices across two catwalk beams to enhance their cover.

And so begins our star wars adventure…

A few blocks away, two characters are cruising along the wearhouse district streets. The driver (and bounty hunter) is a young lady with a grim expression, resembling a female Malcolm Reynolds with the same name. Her companion, a tall, 200lb of muscle, shaven headed woman, littered with tattoos and piercings, and packing heaving weaponry is Davessi Frey, a space pirate. They have been hired by a wealthy politician who had been exceedingly irritated by the people who’d ruined the show at the opera, as well as his date, and wants the ruffians dealt with accordingly. Through his connections, he has found out about the same warehouse our heros are currently hiding in, and has given the address to his hired guns.

Malcolm and Frey bicker for a few minutes on the entrance they wish to make into the warehouse. Davessi wants to ram the hovercar through the metal door, but Malcolm convinces her that they’d both die, and they proceed to park. They are driving the Corolla of hovercars, after all.

Meanwhile, up on the catwalk, 21B-Em-Dee is peeved for being left by her charge, Teyla, and Teetee’ee is bored out of zis mind. Bickering ensues between them, when *CRASH*! The front door is kicked open and the two women rush in with guns aiming. Malcolm misses the two beings perched atop the catwalk, but Davessi yells out that she can see them, and there’s nowhere to hide! Teetee’ee is scared stiff, and nudges 21B-Em-Dee to say something. Their conversation isn’t very helpful. They figure out that they’re both after the same group, but it still ends in the two woman threatening 21B-Em-Dee and Teetee’ee with a shot at their door cover. The two above decide to run for it! 21B-Em-Dee and Teetee’ee run out from their cover and race to the back of the warehouse and through a back door. No more than a second later, they see two cop cars flying towards the building! Teetee’ee runs and jumps down the fire escape, too intent on zis footing to realize that 21B-Em-Dee has run back inside! The two ladies watch as 21B-Em-Dee repeatedly screams out “Danger! Danger!” while running down the many stairs, getting to the ground level, and darting out the front door. It is then that they hear the cop cars, and the loud thud of one of them landing on the roof. Cursing, they run out the front door, grab 21B-Em-Dee, throw it in their car, and speed off just as the second cop car races over them. The cop car swirls around and chases them at high speed, but thanks to Davessi‘s driving skills, and the mundanity of their car model, they manage to lose it and blend in with the other cars on the beltway.

Teetee’ee hears the cars jet away, and sneaks away to avoid the other cops. Ze makes contact with 21B-Em-Dee and asks it to keep the comm open, and it’s GPS tracker on. Then ze hacks into Takata’s communications terminal (a frequent pastime of zis) and contacts the rebel group Takata had come in contact with during her attempt to free the rebel prisoners.

The number rings…
Unknown: “Who is this?!”
Teetee’ee: “...Um…I’m a friend of Takata.”.
Ukwn: “Yeah?? Well how’d’you know this number!?”
TT’e : “...Um… I’m a friend of Takata..?”
Ukwn: “....Your logic is infallible. What do you want!”
TT’e : “Uh… Oh. Um. The droid! Yeah! Some people just kidnaped our droid! ...And it knows all your information! We gadda get it back!”
Ukwn: “What!? How does it know anything!?”
TT’e : “Um… Takata told it everything!”
Ukwn: “That- *cursing ensues*- Put Takata on!”
TT’e : “Oh… She’s not here…”
Ukwn: “Where is she!?”
TT’e : “You know what? Takata got kidnapped too! She could tell them everything! We have to save her! ...And the droid... also….”
Ukwn: “What! How could this happen!?”
TT’e : “...I… don’t know. But! I have a comm open with the droid! And it has a GPS tracker! If you pick me up, we can go rescue them! And your secrets!”.
Ukwn: “Damnit! Alright. We’ve got your location. We’re on our way.”.

A half hour passes, and 21B-Em-Dee and Teetee’ee listen to Davessi and Malcom bicker the entire time. Teyla and Takata, who Teetee’ee had linked into the comm, has turned their link off long ago by now. Teetee’ee is pleased to see a dozen or so Rodians swirve up and tell zim to get on. Ze proceeds to give them 21B-Em-Dee’s coordinates.

After over a half hour of aimlessly driving around the beltway, Davessi looks down to see that they need to fill up, and pulls off the main road and into a SpaceCo for gas. Looking around, Malcolm realized that they still have the droid, and pulls her gun on it! 21B-Em-Dee, completely relaxed looking out the window is shocked and begins to scream like an R2D2, which freaks out Davessi, who in turn begins to scream like crazy. She hadn’t remembered the droid in the back seat either. Malcolm and Davessi yell at each other for a bit but eventually calm down. Malcolm tells Davessi to fill up and ask the droid some questions while she grabs a space slurpee. So, Malcolm heads over to the filler store, and Davessi gets out and starts filling with one hand, and has a gun trained on the droid with the other.
Davessi: “The hell, droid!?”
21B-Em-Dee: “...Sorry?”
Davessi: “The hell you doin’!?”
21B-Em-Dee: “Sorry?”
Malcolm has wedged the postcard stand in the door of the convenience store, and proceeds to yell out at while pouring her space slurpee.
Malcolm: “Ask better questions!!!”
Davessi: “What were you doing at the warehouse!?”
21B-Em-Dee: “I believe we already told you that earlier.”
Malcolm: “Better, damnit!”
Davessi: “Who was that guy you were with!?”
21B-Em-Dee: “Our ship’s engineer.”
Davessi: “...Oh. K… Hey Malcolm! Don’t forget to grab some space pop rocks!”
Malcolm can only press her head to the space slurpee machine in frustration, her space slurpee overflowing its cup without her notice.

Just as Malcolm is paying for her space slurpee and space pop rocks, a dozen or so hover bikes pull up to the filling station and surround their vehicle. The convenience store clerk, already anxious from the two armed ladies yelling back and forth, decides to finally press the concealed police button at the sight of a gang fight about to break out.

Davessi and Malcolm curse yet again. Davessi pulls the filler out of the car and starts pouring gasoline all over the pump, planning on an explosive escape, her focus on the bikers. 21B-Em-Dee, seeing an opportunity, begins to fumble her way out of the hovercar. Teetee’ee and Davessi both notice the movement, and while Malcolm runs towards the hovercar, darting between the bikers, Davessi jumps at 21B-Em-Dee! Unlucky for her though, the backseat window happens to be closed, and she crashes through it to unconsciousness! Teetee’ee quickly tells the biker he’s riding with to swoop in and grab 21B-Em-Dee, which he does with great skill. 21B-Em-Dee, however, decides to jump as they sweep in to grab it, lands on the hood of the hover bike, and they all speed away.

Malcolm reaches the driver’s seat just as the rear biker shoots off a shot into the growing puddle of gasoline around their car. A roar of fire engulfs the car along with Davessi‘s legs which are still hanging out of the backseat window. Malcolm hears the sirens of cops and finally manages to start the hovercar and zip off in the same direction as the gang! Thinking twice, Malcolm pulls off the road, once clear of the cops, and puts out the fire burning Davessi‘s legs. They ditch the flaming car, which isn’t easy since Davessi can barely walk even when draped on Malcolm’s shoulder. Her feet are badly charred, one boot possibly fused to her foot. Malcolm being an average sized human girl can hardly carry Davessi‘s large form. At least they still have their space slurpee and space pop rocks… Then Davessi‘s phone starts ringing. She answers with a pained gurgle before Malcolm rips it from her hand and yells, “What!”. It’s the man who hired them…

Boss: “What. The. Hell! Why am I seeing your faces playing nonstop on the news right now!?”
Malcolm: “*cursing* The cops! And the damn droid!”.
Boss: “The cops, what? A droid? I sent you to a /warehouse/ two /hours/ ago! And now you’re on the news for a gang fight and blowing up a filler station!?”
Malcolm: “Look, it wasn’t-!”
Davessi: “At least we got the space pop rocks.”
Malcolm: “...I hate you.”
Boss: “I hate you too! And if I ever see you two again, /other/ than on the news, I’ll mount your heads on a spike!!!”
Malcolm: “No, not-”
Malcolm: “*cursing*”.
They decide they need to get off planet. Davessi hotwires another hovercar, and they drive off to the nearest spaceport.

Back with the gang~ They eventually stop and get off their hover bikes. 21B-Em-Dee needs to be pried off the hood, having clamped on with all her strength. The rebel band look around.
Rebel: “Where’s Takata?”
TT’e: “Oh! Right… She… escaped? Um! Before you guys picked me up!”
Rebel: “How?? Where is she now??”
TT’e: “Well… Uh.. She escaped with Teyla.. Who she’s with now…”
Rebel: “Teyla? Who’s that!?”
TT’e: “Her…. girlfriend…? Uh, no. Pilot? No. That’s Takata. Yeah. Um, she chartered the ship that Takata pilots!”
Rebel: “And does /she/ know anything about our secrets??”
TT’e: “No! No… Just the droid. Which we saved! Yes, remember 21B-Em-Dee? How Takata told you /all their secrets/?”
21B-Em-Dee looked at Teetee’ee, looked back at the rebels, and nodded.
Rebel: “ALL our secrets!? Everything?? Even… 42..?”
21B-Em-Dee looked at Teetee’ee, who nodded, and they both looked back at the rebels with a decisive “Yes.”.
Thankfully, Teetee’ee had a high streetwise roll, and the particular aliens they were dealing with weren’t the brightest crayons in the tool box…

Teetee’ee took this moment to call up Teyla and Takata to see if they should meet up, and filled them in on what happened. Teyla tells them to get to the ship right now and wait for them there. 21B-Em-Dee, ever helpful, turns to their rescuers and asks if they can help the rebels in any way. They thank her for the kindness being that they are the one who just saved /it/, and ask if the two of them need a lift anywhere. “Oh, yes. That would be much appreciated.” 21B-Em-Dee replies brightly.

Once they reach the spaceport, the gang of rebels drops them off and speeds away to their own adventures. Teetee’ee and 21B-Em-Dee seem to have gotten there before Teyla and Takata and decide to check out how the repairs are coming along. ...It doesn’t look good. Panels are still off with tubes and wires everywhere. Teetee’ee is unsure if the ship can even get off the ground in this state, and ze proceeds to close panels and move obvious trip hazards out of the way. 21B-Em-Dee makes itself useful cleaning up and organizing loose parts.

Also at the spaceport, Malcolm and Davessi pull up in their hotwired hovercar and glance around. There are three figures walking towards a hanger; two females, and one male. They looked to be heading to a particular hanger. The two ladies grin. It’s time for a con…

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