Monday, July 7, 2014

The Archmage's Octavo: Issue 1

Normally on Mondays I share a new monster. Today, I'm sharing issue 1 of my zine: The Archmage's Octavo. In this inaugural issue I've included the variant rules for wizard carousing (aka research), a new monster that fits in very will with this month's RPG Blog Carnival theme of invasive species, and an adventure location that ties together the research rules, the monster, and a ruined tower map by Dyson Logos.

Formatting note: This PDF is designed to be printed front to back, and folded booklet style.


  1. Added to the zine list!

  2. Looks great! The Magic Eaters are an excellent example of an invasive species!

  3. You might want to consider commenting (and adding your link) on the Carnival post so people going there can then see (and follow) the link to this post...