Saturday, July 19, 2014

Free RPG Day Redux

I'm off running Daniel Bishop's ENnie Nominated DCC adventure Prince Charming, Reanimator today, but I wanted to leave you with something cool, and free stuff is always cool...

I managed to snag a few extra things from my FLGS from Free RPG Day. I got an extra copy of The Doom-Cave of the Crystal Headed Children, The DCC/X-Crawl module, and the Chooseomatic Time Travel Dinosaur Mesozoic Mayhem book. And I'm not really interested in keeping my Castles and Crusades Druid's Lament. I'm thinking I should just give them away, seeing as they're free... but how to choose?

How about I roll a random chart? It's thematic. So if you want a chance to win one of these books, e-mail me a random chart at davidbrawley at gmail dot com. I'll hold this open for a week, so you've got till midnight July 25th to get me your entries.

And because I don't want to leave you without anything today, here's The Hidden Way, a DCC one page dungeon based on a little map that Matt Jackson posted yesterday on G+.

Good luck with the contest, and may the dice be in your favor!

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