Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Bits and Bobs XXII

If you listen to Spellburn, you know it, you love it. If you don’t, click, listen, love. Then go listen to Spellburn.

Did you ever wonder why, when necromancers can so easily animate the dead, and all sorts of other corporeal undead stalk the night civilization hasn’t just opted to cremate the dead? There’s a really good reason actually, though rarely discussed. Ed Allen over at Ruminations of a Geek has a pretty good idea why.

What do you get if you cross a redneck with a jedi? An order of psychic warriors called the Jedites. And if you want to play one in Labyrinth Lord, Nick Peterson over at Of Dice and Djinn has the call written up and ready to kick ass.

If you haven't picked up Vornheim yet (and why not??) you've still got a few hours to snag it for the low low price of Pay What You Want!

Over at Sea of Stars, there's a great post about enchanted salt weapons and armor. Timothy Brannan from The Other Side Blog, who perpetually writes about witches has an interesting Web Witch, that has no known connection to the drow.

Worth looking at for that reason alone! Familiars, the little animal helpers of witches and wizards everywhere... aren't the cute little fuzzballs they look like. Arnold K over at Goblin Punch has a very DCC style take on them.

Alchemy and potion making really should be left to the professionals, but adventurers being crazymurderhobos, will do what they do. And when they mix healing potions with orc spawning pool liquid... the results can be interesting.


  1. Your link for Jedites goes to the Ashen undead article.

    1. Fixed! I had a lot of issues with formatting on this post... I'm not sure why...

    2. Thanks! That was a fun bit.