Monday, July 21, 2014

New Monster: Krol’ara

Nimble eased his tools out of the lock. “Done” he declared softly.

“Ready?” Rathgar asked.

His companions nodded and Feris dimmed his were-light.

The castle corridor was silent as Nimble slowly pulled the door open. Rathgar stood, shield raised, sword ready, and peered into the darkness of the opening doorway. The room beyond was large, and full of pedestals.

Once the door was open enough, Rathgar, followed by Allianora stepped in and to the side of the door, scanning for danger. Spying none, they looked about the room. Each pedestal stool about 4 feet tall, and on each was a unique urn. Some were ceramic, others clay, and a few looked like copper. Most were intricately decorated, painted, and embellished.

“Interesting collection.” Nimble said, breaking the silence. “I could find a buyer for these.”

“Later. We need to find the Baron.”

“There’s a door further on.” Alolianora pointed to the dark side of the room. “Check it, or continue down the hall?”

“Check it” Feris voted. Rathgar and Nimble nodded in agreement.

Nimble eased the door to the hall closed behind them, and they made their way to the far side of the room, skirting along the edge.

Nimble froze “Did you hear that?”

His companions paused, and from the middle of the room, they heard one of the unrs knock, as if something was pushing to get out.

It knocked again.

And again…

And again, this time causing the urn to rattle on the pillar. Then silence.

Everyone held still, not even breathing, and waited… and another knock, rattle, and a crash of ceramic on stone. Feris flared his light to it’s full brilliance, revealing a thick coil of black smoke that resolved into a worm like shape, held up by two thin arms and sporting a bright red eye, that blinked once, and turned toward them. Its bulky form scampered toward them with remarkable agility and utter disregard for the pillars knocked aside, and urns sent crashing to the floor.

Krol’ara: Init +2; Atk Smoke Tendril +3 melee (1d6+2); AC 16; HD 2d6; Move 40'; Act 1d20; SP Half damage from non-magical weapons; SV Fort +0, Ref +3, Wil +6; AL C.

This monstrous creature is not native to this plane, and even when bound here it has difficulty maintaining its form. It always looks less than solid, shedding black smoke constantly. It takes the form of a vaguely wormlike being that is supported and propelled by two thin boneless arms. The rear half of the worm hovers just above the ground. The front of the worm is a giant red eye. It has no discernable mouth, but a tendril of smoke can whip out that causes a burning sensation, and looks like frostbite on anyone it touches.

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