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Ancient Sagas of Everlance 6/29-7/13

This update covers sessions played on 6/29, 7/6, and 7/13. The current cast of character is as follows:

Brother Caswyn - Priest of Gloriana
Myshkin - Paladin
Beska - Wizard
Gifilte - Monk of love

Towerday, 27th Arist, 1096 md.

Like a bolt from the blue, sudden, violent, and foretelling stormy weather, Gloriana will light the path.

The people of Caer Brennau were greatly relieved to hear of our success. So much so that we’ve not had to pay for a meal or a bed or a drink. I’ve tried to turn some of this generosity to more worthy causes, but my massive hangover clearly indicates that at least last night I was not as successful as I might otherwise have been.

Gloriana has also very clearly indicated that she’s ready for me to get back to my work, and she delivered my next task right into our laps. Caravan guard duty. Unexpected, and even mundane, except for the fact that the Tample of Gloriana in the City of Cam has commissioned a statue from Olstat, a sculptor that lives here in Caer Brennau. Olstat will be traveling with the caravan as it makes it’s way north.

However, we weren’t hired to protect him, but rather to protect a young woman by the name of Kira, the daughter of Halmara the guildmaster. Kira is betrothed to some lordling in Cam.

Thunderday 29th Arist, 1096 md.
30th Arist, 1096 md.

Just as Gloriana stands among her divine brothers and sisters, so to must her followers stand with those who honor other gods, as long as the cause is just.

Two days on the road, and the only thing we’ve seen of Kira is her curtained carriage. No shock, since it turns out that she’s not actually in it. She was kidnapped (maybe) before the caravan left.

Severno, the caravan master, has asked Myshkin and I to ride ahead and see to the truth of the ransom note, and negotiate for her release. If there’s a good chance, try to rescue her.

Two passengers from the south will be joining us, a priest of the god of love named Gifilte, and a wizard named Beska. We ride in the morning.

1st Erstdain (first day of spring), 1096 md.

Gloriana’s anger is a cleansing storm. Once it is past, the world shines, as the offending skum has been washed away.

The day did not start out promising. Storm clouds hung low in the sky all morning, dark and threatening. We came upon a barrier in the road, a makeshift stop manned by 4 “tax collectors”. We killed 2, captured one and drove the last off. Not much further along some uniformed tax collectors received not only taxes, but the highwayman we’d captured, who had yet to actually regain consciousness. I fear I was a little… overzealous in the fight.

A short time later, still a couple of hours away from the Red Mug Inn (our destination for the night) the clouds delivered what they’d been promising. We made it to the inn looking like a pack of drowned rats. The curried owlbear chop and surprise stag essence ale almost made up for it.

2nd Erstdain, 1096 md.

Gloriana hold both sword and shield. Your duty is to protect as often as it is to attack.

The day was bright and clear, and after a filling breakfast, we followed the instructions on the note to the circle of oaks where we were to light two signal fires. However we found some tracks that lead off some distance, across a stream to an old ruin. Finding nothing there, we returned to the hill, and lit the fires.

A rider arrived after a time bearing a red flag with a yellow half moon. I spoke with him, he demanded 5000 gold for Kira’s release. I offered him 500. He rode off, saying he’d be back in 2 days with Kira, and that we’d better have the 5,000gp.

We followed him back to his camp, and found a well defended small fort. A quick count from a fair distance away suggested that there were at least a dozen bandits that we could see. We retreated back to the inn without being spotted.

We discussed trying to recruit some local muscle to roust the bandits from their hideout, but after some tentative inquiries, it seemed the bandits *were* the local muscle. We decided to return to the caravan and report our findings to Severno.

3rd Erstdain, 1096 md.

In the mud, blood, and gore following a battle is where you must prove your mettle to Gloriana.

More riding in the rain. Servano wasn’t thrilled with our report, but decided to pay, rather than risk the caravan in a rescue attempt.

4th Erstdain, 1096 md.

Most laws are of man, and bend like reeds. Gloriana’s law is like steel, and only bends to prevent the whole from breaking in the heat of battle.

The exchange was successful. The bandits were in force, but they kept their word. This whole experience sits with me like a bad meal. I will pass back this way, and the bandits will answer for their unlawful behavior.

5th Erstdain, 1096 md.

A glorious end is a mug of ale, and a sword hung above a warm hearth. Let your enemy die in battle.

Servano asked us to ride ahead to the next town to deliver a message to the outrider. We took the sealed envelope and headed out. After stopping for a quick lunch we were set upon by a great white reptile. My companions all were thrown from their horses as the beast charged. Gloriana smiled upon me, and I managed to not only keep my seat, but bring the mount around behind the lizard. Though I didn’t land a single blow, my presence, and the stamping of the horse proved enough of a distraction to allow my companions to bring the beast down.

As the weather was fine, and we’d made good time, we settled in for a true lunch of fresh steaks.

We arrived in Weeberry mid afternoon, and quickly found the Beggar and Rose Inn. Some yokel tried to pick a fight with me, and when that didn’t work, with another patron. I invoked the power of Gloriana to point out that this was a poor choice on his part.

While I was out for a walk, another trouble maker named Raylan asked us to retrieve a dagger from a goblin cave. He claimed the cave was on Artis Folcey’s land, a local farmer of bad temper. The serving girl said the land we were directed to belongs to Thale Gorfin, and she didn’t know any Artis…

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