Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Review: Metal Gods of Ur-Hadad #1

The Metal Gods of Ur-Hadad is a DCC zine by Wayne Snyder of Goblin Mini Mart, Edgar Johnson of Edgar's Gaming Blog, and Adam Muskiewicz of Dispatches from Kickassistan.

That alone should be enough to send you out to get it right now. Seriously, it's that good, and the PDF is PWYW, so there's really no excuse! It really is worth a buck or two for the PDF, though, so consider chipping in some beer money for them.

If that isn't enough for you, this is a zine that goes to 11. Specifically it goes to d11. Don't have a d11? That's ok, they tell you how it works.

Issue 1 also provides a great introduction to the First City (Ur-Hadad) by way of a DCC 0-level funnel/city crawl. If you appreciate Vornheim, you'll appreciate the roll all the dice method of neighborhood generation in this issue. You'll also appreciate the very appropriate 666 rule that goes with it.

To round things off, there's a nice little 1 page dungeon insert, The Cave of the Maggot Witch that you can save to drop in when needed, even into the funnel if you're feeling mean. There is nothing in this issue that you can't drop into any fantasy urban environment, and all of it can be used at the table, little to no prep. It's that easy, and that good.

So grab your (dice) sack, get ready to drop your dice, and pick up issue 1 before issue 2 hits. You will not be sorry.

Seriously, it really does go to eleven!

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