Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Room of Keys

This small narrow chamber has 2 doors: the one you entered, and the one directly across from you. Its stone, with a bench running the length of the room. The far wall with the door sparkles in the light. Hundreds of keys hang from individual hooks. When one key is taken from the wall, the rest disappear. All keys will open the locked door, but they will all open it to a different location. When used the key will disappear and the door will re-lock. The next day the keys will reappear.

1. Beach house on the moon
2. Dungeon entrance
3. Barsoom
4. Random room in the dungeon
5. Feywild
6. Shadowfell
7. Sigil
8. Dragon’s den
9. Random room in the dungeon
10. Roman Bathhouse
11. Home of the gods (olympus?)
12. Court of the Goblin King
13. Random room in another dungeon
14. Baba Yaga’s hut
15. Random room in the dungeon
16. Dreamland
17. Ankh-Morpork
18. Random room in the dungeon
19. Janitor’s closet
20. Space station (DS9, Death Star, ISS, etc.)

Inspired by a wall in Sofi's Crepes in Baltimore.

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