Wednesday, February 12, 2014

A to Z Challenge 2014

Once again I’ve signed up for the A to Z Challenge in April. Already I can hear the gnashing of teeth from one corner of the blog-o-sphere… However, like last year, my goal is to make it as seamless as possible. I even got a comment last year to the effect that they didn’t even notice that I was doing the A to Z Challenge, I was just pumping out a whole lot of monsters.

The monster theme worked really well. It gave me enough focus to limit my gamer-ADD, while still allowing me to be creative. The question is, what do I do this year? More monsters? Back in 2012 I did magic items. 2011 was a mixed bag of posts without any real focus… Locations maybe? NPCs? A fantasy carnival? Whatever I go with, I want it to be useable and interesting.

If you’ve never participated in the A to Z challenge, I’d suggest that you give it a try. It’s an interesting writing exercise that can really push and stretch you in ways you might not have gone before. I do really recommend that if you do decide to participate that you pick a theme, and pre-plan (or even pre-write) your posts. It makes a big difference both in the quality of your writing, and in your own stress level as the month goes on.

Tim of the Other Side Blog did a guest post on the A to Z page yesterday about how he uses the A to Z challenge. Definitely worth a read if you aren't convinced.

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  1. Glad to have you on board again!
    Personally I enjoy doing it.