Monday, February 10, 2014

From the Journal of Maz-kal Rhazam

Crookneck’s finally figured out how he’s going to get me out from under the noses of his peers so they don’t find out about my “nocturnal activities” as he puts it.

Apparently one of the wandering bands of barbarians… excuse me, “adventurers” is in need of some arcane assistance, and apparently these paragons of virtue are to be my role models while we go kill some ratmen in the sewers.

Well that was a chaotic mess… literally.

Upon entering the undercity, we captured a ratman, and forced him to lead us through the maze of twists and turns to his leader. Battle was joined.

I attempted to catch the ratmen in a giant web, but the chaotic forces of the area twisted my magic and I ended up entangling some of my companions, and draining away all of my day’s magical power.

While this was a setback for my companions, they showed themselves to be quite proficient at their work, and the ratman king was soon dead. Hoping to find some loot, a door was opened revealing 2 more ratmen and a rat-ogre.

This is where things got really messy. It did provide an excellent way to learn about my new companions...

Brasin is not a typical sword swinger. While he is both big and strong, he has an unusual interest in things arcane. This doesn’t mean he’s wise. While we were fighting a ratman the size of an ogre he attacked the big chunk of warpstone that was in the room with his magic sword. It broke, sending ripples of energy that knocked us about, and released a thick green goo. After the ratmen were slain, Braslin and Lycosa started poking the green goo with their magic swords… swords specifically designed to fight chaos apparently. Brasin’s sword got stuck, and sucked into the goo.

Lycosa is an elven ranger. Little about that last statement is true. Lycosa appeared to be an elven ranger, but is in fact blue, with a tail. He can swing a sword as well as Braslin, so maybe he’s a ranger. However, in an act of supreme stupidity he not only shoved his magical sword into the glowing ichor of pure chaos that was leaking from a warpstone that sucked up Braslin’s sword, but then, when his sword was drawn further into the goo, shoved his arm in after it.

Aside from these two there’s Vicster, a dwarven mage like crookneck, Karue the druid, and Gwachon an elven priest. More on them later, as we’re now off to find a way to heal Lycosa.

Not that any of this has gotten me out from under Crookneck’s oversight. He’s coming with us, at least for part of the journey...

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