Monday, February 3, 2014

New Magic Item: “Demonfall” Gunhammer

“Defilers!” Allianora yelled as she swung her mace into the masked cultist before her, and followed through with the edge of her shield into his rapidly falling back. .

Nimble slipped his knives in and out of the robed madmen, avoiding their grasping hands as he made his way toward Rathgar’s prone form.

Feris walked above the fray on the crypts peaked ceiling, directing his staff as it weaved among the cultists hitting, tripping, and blocking them.

The cultist next to the alter where Rathgar had fallen from the his curse, glanced frustratedly at Feris before chanting in a dark tongue. His words became more bestial as the companions approached the defaced alter. He stooped in pain, his words faltering before his newly demonic form burst from his robes. With bulging muscles the demon grasped the altar top and flung it at Feris.

Feris fell from the ceiling just as the marble slab smashed the spot he’d been standing, and chunks of rubble dropped down on him and the massed cultists below.

Allianora pushed passed the cultists dodging the falling rocks, and swung at the demon. With preternatural speed it snapped the mace from her grip with one claw, and knocked her into the open altar with the other.

The demon then turned to Nimble who had just reached Rathgar. “Orcus will be pleased to see you and your friends sent to his underworld” it snarled through bestial lips. “Three down-”

The demon was interrupted by a cacophonous explosion that reverberated through the stone chamber. Allianora stood in the hollow of the altar, a clearly magical hammer smoking in her hand. “Count again”

“Demonfall” Gunhammer

This holy relic is a strongly lawful weapon. In the hands of a neutral character it will function as a nonmagical warhammer. In the hands of a chaotic individual, it will seem strongly magical, but any time it is used will cause damage to the wielder, rather than the target. In the hands of a lawful character the hammer will strike with a +2 bonus, +3 vs demons. In the hands of a lawful cleric or paladin, it will increase it’s base damage to 2d4 with a +3 bonus, +5 vs demons. In addition they can call upon the gunhammer’s most unique feature, the demonshot, once per day. This short ranged attack (as a sling) causes 2d6+3 damage against non-demonic opponents, and 4d8+8 against demons.

If the hammer is ever wielded by a demon against another demon it will explode, killing both demons, and causing 4d8+8 points of damage to everyone within 45’.


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