Friday, February 14, 2014

Player's Secrets of Medoere

"Ranging from the Spiderfell in the north to the Straits of Aerele in the south, Medoere was born of faith and the blood of revolution. As regent, you fulfill the duties of Archpriest of the Church of the Celestial Spell, leading the theocracy to greater heights of glory. The domain is yours to command - if you have the courage, the conviction, and the blood of kings in your veins."

Medoere is a small (3 province) theocracy ruled by the Archpriest of the Celestial Spell. Like Roesone, Medeore is a new nation, recently split from Diemed to the west. To the north is the Spiderfell (a constant threat), to the south the Straits of Aerele, and to the east Roesone and Illien, Medeore's closest allies.

While Medeore is full of pious individuals, it's also a realm that just recently won a civil war, and there are scars that have barely begun to heal. Adventuring in Medoere is going to be a somewhat different experience from Roesone. Dealing with boarder actions with Diemed and raiding parties from the Spiderfell are most likely, either as independent adventurers, or sponsored by the church/crown.

Guilder Kalien of Endier and the Heartland Outfitters controls both the law and the guilds of the northern province, a situation that the Archpriest would like to correct. Kalien could hire adventurers to protect his interests in the province, or to act against Orthien Tane and El-Hadid, the rival guild leaders in Medoere. Alternately the archpriest could use adventurers to weaken Kalien's hold on the law of the province, and bring it under her control.

The court wizard of Medoere is Hermedhie, who also holds significant source holdings in Diemed, much to the Baron's dismay. Like all wizards of Cirelia, Hermedhie is both powerful and secretive. For example, she doesn't talk about the three parallel scars running down the left side of her face. Yet there are things even a wizard can't or won't do, at least in person.

As with Roesone's baron, the young Archpriest is also new to her crown, and it doesn't sit securely. In addition to Guilder Kalien controlling the law of one of her three provinces, there are priests within the temple who feel that the crown should have gone to another. Either rooting them out, or helping them see the current Archpriest into retirement could be a lucrative business. Then of course there's Medoere's friends Roesone and Ilien... a more formal alliance might be in the works.

The rumors, plots, and secrets section has a number of wonderfully juicy adventuring options, including a possible swamp monster near Mills Landing, a magical sword for a champion, and an ancient elven cache of treasure.

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