Wednesday, August 22, 2012

What’s in *your* backpack?

Today’s post is a part of the RPG Blog Carnival*, hosted this month by Game Knight Reviews. The topic is What’s in *your* backpack?

This is my backpack

In the front flap there are 2 pockets. One holds a selection of pens, pencils, and usually a sharpie and highlighter. The other pocket holds my eyeglasses case that usually has my sunglasses in it.

In the little zipper pouch I have a small bottle of advil.

In the middle pouch is a box of colored pencils, a deck of playing cards, a set of dice, a zip tie, and earbuds from the flight home from vacation.

The main pouch has my lunch box, a book of graph paper, and the most recent D+D Next playtest materials.

Attached to the zipper pull of the main pouch is a compass. On the side is a net pouch designed to hold a drink bottle.

*Nevermet Press, the former ringmaster of the Blog Carnival has passed the big hat to the RPG Blog Alliance.

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  1. Sometimes I worry that I take certain things a bit too seriously...