Monday, August 6, 2012


Armor Class: 4
Hit Dice: 7** (M)
Move: 90’ (30’)
Attacks: 5 vines or seed pods
Damage: 1d4 + Special
No. Appearing: 0 (2d4)
Save As: D5
Morale: 10
Treasure Type: E (Garden only)
Intelligence: 9
Alignment: Chaotic
XP Value: 1250

Monster Type: Plant Monster, Enchanted
Papetongu appear as a giant bright tropical flower with humanoid arms and legs. In the center of the flower is a great toothed maw filled with whipping vines. These creatures are created from tropical flesh-eating flowers, and are extremely aggressive toward all animal life. While they have no interest in treasure themselves, they tend to accumulate it from their victims in their gardens where the bodies are fed upon.

They attack by shooting out up to 5 barb-tipped vines up to 20' away. On a successful hit the vines will wrap around their target, entangling them, and causing 1d4 points of damage every round. Entangled targets may make a saving throw every round vs. Paralysis to escape the vines. Vines may also be attacked (AC6, 8 hp) and severed.

Twice a day the Papetongu can launch seed pods that explode on contact (20' diameter) and cause 3d6 points of poison damage (save vs poison for half damage).

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