Saturday, August 18, 2012

D&D Next Playtest v0.02

I’ve downloaded the next D+D Next playtest packet, and started skimming it. I don’t have any strong initial impressions yet, but I’ll be posting them when I do. I find it interesting that the playtest is expected to run for 2 years... and during that time 4e will be left to wither and die, and aside from books, it looks like the only product will be some reprints and the new miniature game.

I’m glad in one way, because I’m in the middle of DMing a 4e campaign. On that front, my players are considering switching to new characters for the Prestige levels so they can try out some different options. I actually think this is a good idea for everyone. It’ll keep me on my toes, and force them to consider new options and tactics, especially if I force them to play all new classes and races. It should make the party very interesting looking...

One thing that bums me out though, is that WotC is using the Forgotten Realms as their flagship setting... Can’t we be done with Drizzt, Elminster, and the rest? At least with 4e they advanced the timeline and killed off lots of people with the spellplague. It would have been nice if they went back to Mystera or Grayhawk. I guess I’d probably milk the cash cow if I had one too.

Sorry for the slow week. While inspired by vacation, I haven't had much desire to sit in front of a computer... More soon!


  1. You share the sentiments of many. I, myself, am a Greyhawk fan and prefer 2e. But I knew it was going to be Forgotten Realms before "they" ever said so -- far too many Forgotten Realms fans were unhappy with the Spellplague scenario.

    I am happy for the Forgotten Realms fan base and I'm happy for Greyhawk. Despite Mike Mearls claims, the vast majority of Greyhawk lovers moved to Paizo quite sometime ago.

    I'm not at all sure that I want the current batch of game designers at WotC screwing with my beloved Greyhawk setting.

    I think Greyhawk dodged another bullet. As for Mystara, I've only read a few of the novels, never read, or "seen" the game setting.

  2. I wouldn't assume that we will only the Realms with Next - it's clearly their big push for 2013 leading into the new edition but I don't see anything ruling out more once the game comes together.

    I'm in the same boat as you - running a 4th Edition campaign that's closing in on paragon levels while taking a look at Next and wondering how that's all going to work out over the next year or two.