Thursday, August 30, 2012

Magical Lei

"Quick! Natives! put on those garlands." Nimble whispered.

"They're called leis" Feris corrected.

"Does it matter?" Rathgar asked as he put the string of flowers around his neck.

"It does if we want to keep from insulting them." Feris answered. His own lei of wooden beads and nut salready around his neck.

"But why do I have to wear the one with flowers? Can't we swap?"

"It's the one that the villagers gave you." Allianora smiled. "Plus I like my shells."

Magical Lei
These temporary magical items will provide one of the following effects for up to 12 hours after being donned. In addition, if the majority of the members of a party are all wearing leis, they will receive a +1 bonus to their reaction rolls.

1. Gain +1 bonus to all saving throws
2. Reaction rolls indicating attack will be rerolled
3. Enchanted creatures will be at -1 to hit the wearer
4. Require half the usual amount of rest
5. Grant a basic and temporary understanding of the lei creator's language
6. Allow the wearer to see in total darkness as if it was low-light.

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  1. I really like this simple little magic item (of course, it opens the door to hours of player jokes about "getting lei-d"!!!) ;-)