Monday, August 20, 2012

Ice Paraelemental

I took some time this weekend to get back to one of my favorite aspects of the gaming hobby: painting minis.

I decided to tackle a mini that has been mocking me with it's poor design. The old Wizards of the Coast Ice Paraelemental from the chainmail game. A tall and thin mini with really skinny arms that don't connect to the body except for a very small spot. It isn't even a socket, just a dimple.

Here it is from Saturday night, finally assembled, and base coated with dark blue. I probably should have primed it, but I didn't...

These are a few WiP cell phone pics. You can also see in the background some of the reaper bones kobolds I did in the background.

Still need to finish the base and apply a clear coat, but I'm happy with it. Anyone know a good way to do snow on a mini base?

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  1. I bought some flocking at Hobby Lobby that purports to be snow. Haven't tried it yet, but it looks promising.