Thursday, August 2, 2012

Kal-Gon's Salve of Revitalization & Salts of Soothing

Allianora rubbed the ointment over Feris’ bruised arms and legs. Nimble sat against the shattered remains of a column, his head resting on his chest, eyes closed. Rathgar’s body was laid out on the far side of the room, and covered with his cloak.

“We need to get back to Zurkarta” Allianora said quietly. “The temple priest should be able to bring Rathgar back, but we need to be there in the next three days.”

“It’s a hard three day journey, and none of us are in any condition for a hard journey right now. Hell, none of use are ready for an easy journey right now. Nimble can’t even keep his eyes open!” Feris hissed. “How do you expect us to make it to Zurkarta?”

“You’ll be ready to go within the hour.”

“I thought you were out of healing magic?”

“Spells, yes. Magic, no. This ointment is an ancient secret from the east.”

“It’s doing a good job taking the pain away.”

“Take a nap. I’ll get everything packed up. We’ll leave in an hour.”

Kal-Gon’s Salve of Revitalization

This ointment is capable of providing the equivalent of 8 hours of rest 30 minutes after being applied to the body.

Kal-Gon’s Salts of Soothing

A character bathing with these salts will have a +2 bonus to all saving throws involving fear or confusion type effects. Anyone suffering from such an effect is considered to automatically save if immersed in a bath with these salts.


  1. Claims of a teleportation effect have been found to be exaggerated.