Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Imperial Assassins and a Warlock

This is a post from my old livejournal from 9/13/07.

So as I mentioned before I got some painting time in recently. First up is the Culexus Assassin.

I like how his body suit came out. The highlighting was stronger then I generally go for, but it works on this guy.

Kind of a cute butt for a miniature.

I was going for a light effect from the eye piece. I don't quite have that technique down yet.

Next up is the Eversor Assassin. This guy is a melee monster. Totally pumped up with combat drugs, he will literally explode when he gets killed.

His mask came out significantly better then the other one. But that severed head I could have spent more time on.

That gun does some nasty damage, and it hides a less cute butt.

Lastly we have the Mordheim Warlock/Necromancer. He's a characterful little fellow, but probably not one you'd want to invite over for dinner.

And in case his magic fails, he can still shoot you. I'm really pleased with this guys face. And I think the dirt on his clothing came out well too.

Not a whole lot going on back here. Robes hide butts so well. Oh, but I can see I need to clean up his bracer a bit. The hem of the robe worked pretty well too.

See? Dark magics! I told you!

He really does look like an old man doesn't he?

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