Tuesday, February 21, 2012


The new Dungeons and Dragons comic follows the story of Adric Fell, a human warrior who leads a band that includes a dwarf paladin named Khal, a halfling thief named Bree, an elven ranger named Varis, and a tiefling warlock named Tisha. The story begins with the characters around 7th level, and trying to stop an incursion of the shadowfell into the real world. They don't know that right away, but they figure it out pretty quickly.

I really have been enjoying the series. The arts good, in fact it's leaps and bounds above what previous D+D comics have had. The writing is solid, and they've made lines such as "Don't split the party" fit in without sounding forced. Even more than that, the writers have managed to make the characters banter back and forth just like the players tend to do, yet have it all happen without breaking the 4th wall. It doesn't try to be too serious.

Shadowplague collects the first 6 issues (0-5) in a binding that matches the 4e hardcover rulebooks, rather than traditional graphic novel style. In addition to the comics, it also has all the covers of the individual books, including the alternate covers, as well as 6 encounters split between 2 mini adventures that allow a party to run through some of the same events that the characters in the comic experience.

If I didn't already have the individual issues I'd certainly consider picking this up for my own collection. As it is, the library had a copy, so I didn't have to.

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