Wednesday, February 1, 2012


Blogger informed me that this is my 600th post! Not a bad way to start February.

A long time time ago I wrote a post about looking for a local comic/game shop. At the time my focus was actually more on the comics than the gaming aspect of things. I wasn’t too worried about the game thing, as there are numerous Games Workshops in the area, and Amazon. I wasn’t thinking, at the time, about playing D&D. Besides, what comic shop doesn’t carry at least a basic selection of games? Or would be willing to special order something?

If you read that previous post, you know that my search was not entirely fruitful. I ended up going about an hour away for my FLCS. As far as games goes, my affair with GW is pretty much at an end. Their ever increasing prices, coupled with the new finecast resin change has soured our relationship. I only wish that some other company would be doing The Hobbit minis... I’d really like to get the 14 companions... oh well.

Now the reason 2 paragraphs of background is important is because I discovered a game store that isn’t too far from my house. I found it when I discovered that Sarah Darkmagic aka Tracy Hurley linked to my post about dungeonmorph dice on the WotC website. While I was there (a rare occurence) I put my location into their store finder, and I found J and M Comics and Games. Now, I thought I knew every comic and game shop in the the greater Baltimore area. I was wrong, and today I’ll be going to check it out... Who knows, I may have just discovered a new (to me) FLGS!

If you haven't visited my blog lately (aka you read it through a feed), I've gone and changed how things look. Let me know what you think!


  1. Congrats on 600 and I feel your pain for finding a good gaming store. I have one that is 40 minutes away, but the 'gaming guy' there is such an ass I don't bother going in now. My other choice for gaming stores leaves me drives of over an hour to two hours.

  2. Grats on 600. Maybe it's just me, but it was a little hard to read the black letters on the dark grey background. Just a heads up. I hope the shop is awesome!

    1. Same here with the black on grey in the sidebar. Otherwise, I like the new look!

      Congrats on 600 posts!

  3. Good luck with the new game store and congrats on hitting 600 posts. Also, really loving the new look. I love the background.