Saturday, February 11, 2012

Lover's Gift

“Oh... Oh, this is not good.” Feris said as he examined the body of the necromancer.

“What is it?” Rathgar asked as Allianora prayed over Rathgar’s wound, and the savaged flesh began to mend.

“This ring she’s wearing, it carried a potent enchantment”

“It didn’t save her from my blade in her back” Nimble chimed in as he rooted through a closet.

“No, but it means we may have another enemy to deal with, a powerful one.”

“Well, take the ring, we’ll use it against him.”

“The enchantment’s gone. It ended with her death.”

“Oh... well, crap. It’s gold though, right?” Nimble asked.

“It’s more than just ‘oh well’ Nimble! The enchantment returned to the one that gave her this ring!”

“Easy Feris...” Allianora said softly. “Tell us exactly why you’re so upset.”

Lover’s Gift

This item is always created as a piece of jewelry, usually a ring, with a fire opal as the primary stone, and set in gold. When created, it is keyed to a certain individual, and it must be given to that person as a gift. The bearer of the Gift will receive the following benefits:
Immunity to all charm effects
+1 bonus to saves against illusion effects
A 25 word telepathic message to the Gift’s creator 1/day
Drain hit points from the ring’s creator at will

The Gift’s creator gains the following benefits as long the the Gift is worn:
Know the general state of the wearer (physical health and emotional state)
Know the general location of the wearer
A 25 word telepathic message to the Gift’s wearer 1/day

The death of either the creator or the wearer of the Gift will have the following effects for the survivor:
Permanently losses of 3 points or 1/4 of their Constitution, whichever is greater
Permanently gains 1/4 the total XP of the deceased (1/3 if they are of the same class)
Healed of all damage
Knows the exact location of the death, and the circumstances around it
The Gift becomes non-magical, and can be located at will


  1. I don't usually pick new magic items/spells/etc. but I absolutely LOVE this. Awesome idea, consider it stolen :)

  2. I hope your PC's love/hate it!