Monday, February 6, 2012

Barking Alien's Questions Answered

I answered Zak's questions, now here's Barking Alien's set.

1) What is the most common type of environment or terrain encountered thus far in your current or most recent campaign?

In both the 4e game that I DM and the G+ game that I’ve played in the terrain has been entirely dungeon.

2) What is the most exotic or unusual environment or terrain encountered thus far in your current or most recent campaign?

None, really.

3) What environment or terrain type have you never used but always wanted to? Why haven't you?

I’ve never used a lava field... I can’t think of a good reason why not. I shall have to correct this at the earliest opportunity.

4) Do you have a combat rule or mechanic from another game system you are using in the game system you currently play, played recently or generally play?


5) In your opinion, what genre has received too little attention in regards to RPGs based on that subject?

The modern bromance.

6) If a quality RPG on the aforementioned neglected genre came out tomorrow, what would make you buy it? What would prevent you from buying it?

I wouldn’t buy it, as I have no interest in it. Just because it’s not given a lot of attention doesn’t mean that that situation needs to be changed!

7) Do you find it easier to learn the rules of a game by reading the rule book or by sitting down and just playing it?

Mostly I’ve learned by reading, but learning by doing is more fun.

8) Name a currently available artist not normally associated with RPGs who you'd love to see do some RPG work.

I'm not really up on my currently available artists.

9) What one book, movie, video, etc. that is not an RPG that you think should be.

I’m actually a little shocked there isn’t a Halo rpg. Especially that there wasn’t a Halo d20 game ever produced.

10) Can you think of an RPG you've run or played in which the GM (be it you or someone else) used/referenced non-game related books to run the campaign more often then game related books?

Not that I know of, but that could certainly be interesting...

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