Thursday, February 2, 2012

Map Do-Over

Sometimes things just don't work out quite like you want them to. For instance, this is map 2C from my megadungeon. It's ok. Not great. Some rooms, stairs, secret doors, and this theater area down below. I wasn't very happy with it though. Maybe it's just me being too picky.

One of the things that bugged me most was the theater down at the bottom. It just didn't work. Since it's Groundhog Day I called a do-over!

Still not perfect, and I want to add the upper level, but much better. Also I tried out a new crosshatching pattern.


  1. The idea of the theater is cool. However, it is a very modern theater, with proscenium, curtain, and apron.

    If you did a theater based more on theaters in Shakespeare's time, it might be a lot more interesting.

  2. Now that is an interesting idea that I'm going to have to play with...