Wednesday, February 15, 2012

More Things You Shouldn't Miss

It’s been a while since I highlighted some of the really cool things that are out there.

First up is this beautifully rendered Caves of Chaos map. Now, I’ve never actually run B2, but I’ve always wanted to, and with this map in hand, I’m really tempted to do just that...

Intelligent magic items, usually swords, have been a part of D+D for a long time, but what happens if someone melts down that sword? Paul at Blog of Holding has an interesting take on the idea.

Courtney Campbell, aka -C of Hack & Slash and creator of numerous awesome PDFs such as Interesting Treasure Generation and Tricks, Empty Rooms, and Basic Trap Design, has a series of interesting little pieces of treasure, and here are 2 that I really like - The Jewel Box, and the Golden Bee.

Pumpkin - Destroyer of Worlds

Rolang put together a dice drop table for stocking your dungeon - Evil Temple of Evilness and the Great God Orsobuffo.

The Dungeon Dozen blog, if you aren’t familiar with it, posts random charts that all use the much ignored d12. A recent one that I saved for myself is the Dwellers in the Lightless Pits.

Lord Gwydion has a page up on his blog for the Flying Swordsmen RPG he’s been working on. I’m calling attention to it for 2 reasons. 1. I haven’t really seen much talk about it, and it’s worth talking about. 2. I’ve done some editing, proofreading, and even a little design work on it, so I know what I’m talking about when I say it’s worth checking out!

Save vs Dragon is a relatively new blog, but an interesting one. As evidence check out this white scorpion, 1d30 road encounters,
and these free buttons (supplies limited, get yours now!)

Christopher O'Dell over at Grognardling has 40 books from Looted Libraries. I really like Nasty Places and How Wizards Send You There.

R.W. Chandler over at The Blighted World of Zaoth wrote up a set of random charts for generating robotic monstocities.

Did you know that Sigil, the city at the center of the great cosmic wheel from Planescape, built on the inside surface of a torus, has a megadungeon under it? Actually I’m not sure that “under” is the right adjective when referring to the outer portion of a torus, but it’ll do. Anyway, ckutalik of Hill Cantons shared some thoughts and observations about it here.

You know that scenes in Labyrinth, when Sarah is confronted by the talking doors? Does your dungeon have talking doors? If not, noisms from Monsters and Manuals has you covered with is post on sentient doors.

Microlite 20, aka M20, the brainchild of Greywulf, has spawned numerous iterations, and the massive complete M20 has just been updated! Do yourself a favor and snag yourself a copy!