Monday, February 27, 2012


On Saturday my cousins and I sat down to start the Pyramid of Shadows, continuing our 4e game. After about an hour of BSing we finally buckled down to play... and then BSed some more. None of us were feeling it. And no, it wasn't just the fact that it was a 4e game, I'm still looking forward to continuing the adventures of Ander the Halfling Rogue, Barakas the Tiefling Warlord, Chan Lee the Human Monk and Dietrich the Human Knight. It was just... one of those games.

So rather than push it, we decided to put away the battle mat and pull out my terrain boards and discussed what to play. Warhammer 40K was an option, but since we only had 2 armies available we passed. Lord of the Rings SBG? I wasn't really in the mood. We hemmed and hawed, and I took a peak at my gaming book shelf. There was Mordheim... I've never played it, and mostly just had the book for the pretty pictures, but there it was.

I suggested it, my players asked if I even had the minis to play? Of course I have the minis to play!

... somewhere...

Ok, 1 bag of skaven, one bag of orcs, and one bag of human empire militia - all unpainted, but that's fine.

Orks aren't one of the core teams? Crap...

D&D minis to the rescue! One undead warband!

The undead don't use skeletons??

Ok, lets just pretend these are ghouls and these are zombies. Good? Good!

So we wrote up our warbands. Alex got the undead, Cory took the skaven, and I got the humans.

We filled the board with just about every piece of terrain we had available, and started playing!

I got slaughtered. It turns out that armor is pretty much crap, and expensive crap at that. I reworked the warband.

Game 2 wasn't nearly as bad, but still not good. My spearmen managed to kill the vampire. It turns out that they don't like wooden things to the heart. Who knew? Still lost to the skaven. Played with the experience rules... it'll go even better next time!

Or not. In Game 3 one of my youngbloods was killed and turned into a zombie, and my captain was captured, killed, turned into a zombie, and his equipment was sold for scrap. In spite of the undead doing so well it was Cory and his skaven that won again.

Must find new allies. I fear Andy is unfairly prejudiced toward the rats...

Alex looks on as Andy and the Skaven clear the board yet again...

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