Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Your Reputation Precedes You

An adventurer rarely passes through an area without making an impression. From the time that they kill the giant rats under the baker’s shop, to ridding the great cemetery of the pack of ghouls, to sailing across the great waste on an enchanted skyship, their deeds are the stuff of song! By the time the adventurers have a level or two under their belt, chances are that locals will have heard of them.  

But is what they’ve heard accurate? I can’t think of a single reason why it should be! Unless they’ve been spending their cash hiring bards to sing their praise, the tales that make it along the trade routes, from way station to tap room, will be confused, exaggerated, jumbled messes.

To help you determine what the locals have heard, roll below!

Random Reputation Table
1. Adventurers? Ha! Bandits and grave robbers at best.
2. I heard they slaughtered one of ol’ farmer Guthrie’s cows just 'cause.
3. Sure they saved the farm, but then they celebrated with the farmer’s daughter/son/sheep!
4. Aren’t they the ones that burned down the Grinning Gorgon Inn?
5. Billy-Bob says they were seen summoning a demon!
6. Who?
7. The locals actually know the real story! (or at least the one the adventurers shared after their most recent fiasco)
8. They're planning on killing the mayor! They say he's a monster in disguise.
9. The priest wants us all to worship his god.
10. The fighter never touches alcohol.
11. I hear that the wizard is incredibly hot! Everyone want him!
12. They never accept payment from anybody!


  1. Maybe give the more charismatic party a bonus on the roll too. Like it. I always play on the reputation a party gathers as they progress through a campaign, creates lots of ideas.

  2. Good idea. I think I shall have to expand this to a d30 chart!

  3. Suggestions:

    13. I heard that the (Insert class and/or race here) is insane.

    14. Their (Insert class here) killed someone once, just because he said his mother must have been a giantess. (Particularly if there's a halfling in the party...)

    15. Last town they visited, they hung the innkeeper by his feet from his own rafters 'cause they didn't like the ale!

    16. That fighter of theirs... S/he fed someone to his own horses once, for selling him one that he thought was too slow.