Friday, March 11, 2011

Sample Dungeon Project – Rooms 1 + 2

Amidst the rocky hills and cliffs near a seaside town is an old dungeon. It’s the sort of place that adventurers clean out every once in awhile when roving bands of orcs, bandits, and the occasional necromancer get drawn to it.

The entrance is fairly well known, but all attempts to block it off or patrol it to prevent new inhabitants always fail eventually. The reason for this is that this small dungeon is actually connected to the greater underworld, and if monsters can't get in from the surface, they ooze up from the darkness and chaos below!

Room 1
The stairs leading down to this room are carved from the living rock and are worn smooth from years of use. At the base of the stairs 4 bandits keep watch. Each of them shows some fresh minor injury. The room is illuminated by torches in the NW and SE corners. The area marked A contains a table and chairs, and the bandits are tossing cards at a hat located in the spot marked B. C denotes a tripwire (which all the bandits know about) which will set off a loud clattering which will cause an automatic wandering monster roll. The bandits will call for assistance immediately.

Room 2
8 bandits are cataloging the fantastic haul from their most recent caper. While they suffered significant losses, they managed to come away with a chest of gems, and several sacks of coins (7,600gp in gems, 4,000cp, 2,000sp, 5,000gp, and 1,000pp) as well as a bolt of silk cloth (8gp) and an old illustrated book of fictional monsters (570gp). The bandits are lead by a chaotic third level cleric named Sendoc.

When rolling the rooms up for the dungeon, I used the dungeon stocking chart from the Rules Cyclopedia, and my megadungeon wandering monster chart to roll the monsters when they were indicated. Shockingly I got bandits in both room 1 and 2. Then I rolled their treasure, and oh my! What is listed above is not everything as rolled. Like I did for my earlier dungeons I took the value roll for the gems and halved it. It still ended up being an incredibly large haul, and any group that succeeds in getting it from the bandits is going to have a quick trip to 2nd level.

It's amazing what happens when you're rolling 6d6 for gems! It's fun to think about where they came from, and who may want them back...

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