Thursday, March 10, 2011

Sample Dungeon Group Project

Because I am a glutton for punishment, and because I don't have nearly enough on my plate with my megadungeon, the Islands of the O'sr, the April A-Z challenge, not to mention everything gong on in real life, I have decided that I'm going to join in on the Sample Dungeon Group Project that was proposed over at A Dungeon Master's Tale.

These are the guidelines that were laid out for the project by James C.
  1. Use any version of D&D, the clones or even another game (even genre) entirely to complete the dungeon.
  2. Provide as much or as little detail as you desire as you go.
  3. To get started add a comment to this blog saying that you're getting started and provide a link to your blog so we can all go see.  
  4. You can join the fun at any time and take as long as you like doing it. 
  5. Use as much or as little of the background and the few existing room descriptions associated with the map from the DMG as you like.  The only requirement is that you use the above map.
  6. I'll be posting three rooms per week starting Monday, February 7th. 
  7. I encourage you to not only stock the thing, but talk about your choices and dungeon-building philosophy as well.  For instance, if you're using randomly generated results, talk about why.  If not, also talk about why.  Will it be a themed dungeon?  The value in this project to me is in hearing about what a particular DM likes as well as seeing it directly applied.  
  8. Will there be winners?  Will there be prizes?  Everybody is a winner but there won't be prizes.
  9. If you want to play but don't yet have a blog, start here.
I will be using the same system of dungeon stocking as I've been using on my megadungeon, basically the Rules Cyclopedia method. This sample dungeon will become an alternate 1st level to my megadungeon.

Room 1 and maybe room 2 tomorrow.


  1. Sounds like fun. Might have a go myself. Something to get my brain in gear again :)

  2. No, not another project! Run away, run away!

    Although, it does sound tempting....

  3. Welcome aboard! Looking forward to seeing what you come up with. I'll be posting my next three rooms on Monday (3/14).

  4. Yup, welcome, I'll be doing 3-4 more rooms every Monday for awhile too.