Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Burn-out, the Nuclear Option, and You!

This isn't the post that I was going to share with you today, but once again the bright shadow of a mushroom cloud has revealed a blank and barren spot where once creativity and inspiration shined. It has happened before, and almost always for the same reason - someone or multiple someones have been uncivil. They have needled, antagonized, and pushed these creative people away from us, away from our small community, and in their leaving and pain they tear down all that they had created, and diminished the whole.

I understand. I have been in that place. But I pledge that should I ever reach that point, should I ever choose to leave this community, I will leave this blog standing. I don't know if there is anything here that anyone would miss if I took it down, but if even one post would be missed, than I have no right to take it away. What I have created and shared is no longer mine, but belongs to all who have read it, all who have been inspired by it.

There isn't a fancy badge for you to put on your blog, just a simple statement of Nuclear Nonproliferation. I hope that I will not be alone in this pledge. Will you join me?


  1. I have joined you long and long ago; else my own blog (currently being carefully refurbished) would have disappeared into the aether about a year or better back.

    The Hoard shall remain, one way or another.

  2. Absolutely! Your post expresses my feelings on this matter exactly.