Saturday, March 19, 2011

Sample Dungeon Project Rooms 3-5

Room 3 - Allies of the bandits, these 8 kobolds have filled this large room with piles of crates, assorted bric-a-brac, and even a completely intact wagon! The piles are stacked up in such a way as to create narrow corridors that are uncomfortable for man-sized or larger creatures to navigate (1/2 movement rate, -1 to hit, no Dex bonus to AC). Hidden in the piles are several sleeping areas, as well as a cleared communal area at the center back of the room. Not only does this allow the kobolds to come together, but it also allows them access to the secret door, which they have not told the bandits about. Searching the room (which will take 6d3 turns – 1 per searcher) will reveal a total of 600sp.

Room 4 – This room is the abode of the Sendoc. A small shrine in the SE corner to the Lord of Nightmares hides the trapped hatch. Attempting to open the hatch will cause it to slam open and then immediately closed again, causing whoever was attempting to open it 1d6 points of damage (Save vs Paralysis to avoid). The hatch reveals a small tunnel (4’ square) that leads to room 5. Among the personal belongings can be found a small chest with 500sp and 10gp.

Room 5 – This small plastered room is covered in the insane writings of a nightmare wracked mind. The author, deceased, remains chained to the NE corner. Taking the time to give the scribblings more than a cursory glance will cause the reader to make a saving throw vs spells or take 1d4 wisdom damage. Lost wisdom will return 1 point per day.

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  1. Nice. The kobold room is crying out for a random table :)