Monday, March 28, 2011

Sample Dungeon Project Rooms 6-8

Room 6 - The south wall of this room is dominated by bunk beds, 15 stacks of 2. Under each stack of bunks is a pair of chests of sacks containing the personal effects of the bandits that camp here. Most items are of little value, being of poor quality and little interest to adventurers. On the center of the north wall is a large magical fireplace. It maintains the rooms warm temperature without needing fuel or filling the room with smoke, in spite of the lack of chimney. The fire is hot, and can be used to cook or set items aflame.

Room 7 - This room is locked, but the key is hidden above the door frame. Inside can be heard clucking. 40 chickens and a rooster hungrily await dinner.

Room 8 - The door to this empty room is trapped. Anyone opening it will set off an alarm of ringing cowbells. In addition they will face a stack of 3 crossbows that are triggered when the door is opened. Each crossbow attacks whoever opens the door as a level 4 fighter. This trap is inside room 8, set up by the bandits, and designed to fire when the door is only slightly open.

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