Thursday, March 17, 2011

New Poll!

Ok, this was supposed to go live this morning... I guess the kobolds were at it again. 

Today's post is merely to tell you about my new poll: What is your gaming style? Feel free to pick multiple answers for this one.

The results from my last poll question Do you play 40K? are below.
All the time!
  4 (11%)
Once a month or so
  2 (5%)
Once every couple of months
  1 (2%)
Couple of times a year
  0 (0%)
Once a year or less
  6 (17%)
No (other GW games, yes)
  4 (11%)
No (other mini games, yes)
  8 (23%)
No, I don't play with toy soldiers
  9 (26%)



  1. Cool beans. Thanks for the posting. Hope you're having a yummy day.

  2. Ummm, I assume "Romatic" should be "Romantic".

    It's a problematic term, even so, because it could mean at least 2 different things - romanticising an era or environment or setting, or male-female romance. It's my guess that you meant the second, but maybe a reply to clarify?

  3. @Whisk~ Very much enjoying the weather!

    @Mike~ Yup, should be Romantic. I blame my keyboard. As to how to define it, it could be either, and since I actually didn't have a clear definition in mind, I'll leave it to you to define!