Thursday, March 10, 2011

This Redhead Wants To Play With You!

Alice (the redhead above) likes to play games, and you might too!

Have you've ever wanted to slay dragons, rescue a prince (or princess), delve deep into dark dungeons and face creatures that have never walked the earth, but stalk your imagination? Are you tired of playing World of Warcraft and want to get away from your computer screen? Do you like movies like The Lord of the Rings, Conan, The Chronicles of Narnia, Harry Potter, and Hellboy?

Welcome to the OSR!

Download OSRIC the 1st Edition Retro-Clone for Free!!
Download Dark Dungeons, the Rules Cyclopedia  Retro-Clone for Free!

The links above are only a small fraction of what makes up the OSR. Poke around here, and on the links off to the side to find out more.

If you're curious as to why searching for "hot elf chick" and similar things are bringing you to role playing game stes, it's because James over at The Underdark Gazette suggested that we use some clever pictures and blog titles to try to catch some people who click on our links to let them know about the revival of Old School gaming. I figure it can't hurt. And if you absolutely have to have hot elf chicks... 


  1. Alice has a cool gaming room!

  2. Yes, and she has the same Dragonheart dragon that I have too. She's so cool.

  3. Alice looks like a forgiving GM.