Saturday, March 26, 2011

Sample Dungeon Project Rooms 3 Redux

Simon Forster noted that room 3 from my Sample Dungeon cried out for a table of random junk that the adventurers can find. Well, he was right!

Random Junk - Room 3
Roll 1d30 every turn spent searching. Any item rolled twice will instead be a copper piece or 1d4 angry normal rats.

1 leather harness for a draft horse
2 horse feedbag
3 rusty horse shoe
4 smith's hammer head
5 jug of moonshine
6 coil of rope 21 feet, 1 end chewed through.
7 8.5 foot pole, one end burned off.
8 broken shield
9 crate of moldy books
10 broken hand mirror
11 2d6 pots of dried out paint
12 crate of broken clay pots
13 rag doll
14 wooden toy soldier
15 decorative brass helmet - dented
16 copper, brass, and bronze ceremonial sword
17 3d12 fletched arrows without tips
18 3d6 sacks of sand 25lbs each
19 A length of rope, 2 feet long with knots at both ends
20 Jar of rat poop
21 Burlap bag with dessicated remains
22 Torn local flag/banner
23 Empty picture frame
24 crate of paper mache masks
25 steel safe, locked, empty
26 Flattened rodent with horseshoe imprint
27 Expensive left shoe
28 Keyring w/ 3 keys.
29 Large belt buckle with "I AM GREAT' on it.
30 Knitted sweater, half unraveled.


  1. Best one: result 20, a "jar of rat poop." Classic!

  2. Aww, thanks for the name check. Like the table, especially the left shoe, or some reason :)