Monday, June 4, 2018

Workbench Update

Now that I've wrapped up Blightfang, the only thing left on my painting tray is the dancing girl. So, of course, it's time to drag out some new projects, and they're all gaming related. Since my fellow players have almost all been using my minis for their characters, I've been trying to spiff up the ones they're using. Especially since a bunch of them are old and maybe... half painted? The base colors are blocked in anyway. But it's time to do better.

So, Joda the asamar monk, Bran the human warlock, and Rin the human barbarian are all getting various levels of upgrades. Here's the plan:
  • Everyone gets new bases to match the ones I did for Thorin and Fulhoff. That'll take care of Rin. 
  • Joda is going to get a repaint. He has golden skin... I'm going to use the NMM Gold Triad for that. 
  • Bran is going to be the most work. The mini is an elf, and uses a shadow rapier, not a double bladed sword thing from 3e. So, conversion work... plus the hair is wrong. Once the base and conversion work are done, then he gets a repaint... Unless I find a mini that'll work better. 

Also coming to my tray is Reaper's Goroloth (aka Aboleth), a mini I never actually expected to paint. But... Apparently there's one we're gonna have to deal with in the next week or two, so... My inspiration is the 2e art, and I'm totally aiming for a tabletop quality paint job.

We might also be facing fire giants in the future, so the fire giant jailer might see some attention soon too. *sigh*

I don't think my DM appreciates enough that I'm painting up big nasty monsters specifically for her to use to try to kill us.

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