Friday, June 1, 2018

May In Review


My Stonehell game has a new player! Chris who plays Thorin in the Storm King’s Thunder campaign has picked up Koltic the cleric, and he managed to not die (so far). Plus… they’re starting to really get smart about interacting with the monsters in the dungeon. They’ve hired the Bugbears out from under Fulkth!

And Storm King’s Thunder rolls along. Fulhoff is getting more into the spirit of things, now that he has a couple of giants under his belt. Looking forward to the pace picking up a bit. While I enjoy RPing, it doesn’t provide much in the way of XP…

I spent most of the month focused on painting Blightfang, but also managed to finish off the Harpy and Flesh Golem. The Dancing Girl should be wrapped up soon. I’m not entirely sure what my next project is going to be. Not another dragon! Might be another figure or two from Bones 1. I’m really close to having finished the core 30 minis from the base pledge…

Thornwarden was more involved than I’d expected, but more in him next week...

Oh, and Blightfang? He's just about done!

Solo: A Star Wars Story was a YT-1300 fully loaded with fun.
Jessica Jones (season 2)
Delta Rae concert – 4th time seeing them in 4 years. They put on such an amazing show!

Goals for July:
Finish the Dancing Girl
Finish Blightfang (98% there!)
??? We'll see.
Free RPG Day

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