Friday, June 15, 2018

My Favorite Toy (part 2)

So those few other things I was stamping with the Temple Courtyard base stamp from Happy Seppuku? Two of them were miniatures that PCs in my Wednesday night game have been using as their characters. It was about time they got some attention, and bases to match those of Thorin and Fulhoff. I also based an evil little fairy familiar from Reaper's 14041: Familiars I pack, and Cassie, Gnome Wizard.

I don't actually have any plans for how I want to paint either the fairy or the gnome... and mostly just prepped them because I wasn't feeling up to working on the Dancing Girl's skin tones. I think I'm going to have to clear my try table and focus just on her if I want to actually get her done.

The ogre mercenary is going to probably look something kind of like this (hopefully at least half as nice). He had some annoying mold lines that I had to deal with before assembling or painting him. Hopefully I got them taken care of enough that paint will hide anything I missed.

The Dire Boar is going to be brown. Might do some pinkish on the snout and ears, but I'm mostly going with Pumbaa as my inspirational image for him. Well, Pumbaa with a few extra spikes...

One other miniature I was thinking about working on was another Chainmail mini - the war badger! Unfortunately he's missing his hand. I'm sure I have it *somewhere* but until I find it, it'll have to wait. Too bad, since I was kind of hoping to use him as a summoned animal for my wizard.

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