Saturday, June 9, 2018

Free RPG Day is coming!

Saturday June 16th is Free RPG Day! I'll be running... something that afternoon. I haven't settled on what yet, but there's a fair chance it'll be a DCC adventure, or maybe a 5e adventure... I really need to settle on a game and lock in my time slot...

Anyway, you should totally find your participating FLGS and plan on attending. You can snag some really cool stuff.

As usual, I'm really looking forward to the Lamentation of the Flame Princess release. Last year's Vaginas are Magic is being followed up with this glorious member:
Sadly this is the best image of it I can find...

I'm also going to grab the Goodman Games DCC adventure, and maybe their 5e one... and I want to take a look at the Starfinder one, even though I have little interest in Starfinder as a system.

It's only a week away! See you there!

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