Thursday, June 21, 2018

Chainmail Dire Boar

The Dire Boar from WotC’s Chainmail game is a fairly simple mini, and I opted to keep my paint scheme simple as well. I’d primed him years ago with spray primer, and then never got around to painting him, and while most of the primer had held up, it needed touching up. I gave him a scrub to remove any dust and flaking paint in hot soapy water.

Once dry I re-primed with Brown Liner, I generously sloshed on Muddy Brown with Redstone Shadow. This also went all over the base.

I followed that up with another coat this time adding Rich Leather to the mix.Then I added Tanned Leather and gave it a gentler dry brush. I used Old West Rose mixed with the brown for the snout and around the bottom of the eyes. The teeth and horns (spikes?) were painted with Tanned Leather and a little bit of Linen White and then lightened up further near the tips with linen white. Then I gave him a clear coat to finish it off.

The base was then flocked with a combo of different materials, the same as I used with Blightfang, including a forest floor mix and basic flock. And with that? He’s done and ready for the tabletop.

Total Minis Painted in 2018: 36

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