Monday, January 8, 2018

Snowstorm Yeti Speedpaints

Almost immediately after making up my list of current and planned hobby projects, I tossed both to the side, and worked on something completely unrelated to anything on either list.


Why yetis? Mostly because of the snowstorm that just pounded the east coast. I was inspired to see if I could do a speed paint of them. Not worrying about mold lines, I went at it.

As usual, I started by giving them a wash in warm soapy water, and a good scrub with a toothbrush.
They were then all base coated with Reaper's Blue Liner, cut with a bit of flow improver. I then mixed in Snow Shadow in increasing amounts and dry brushing the fur.

Once at about 6:1 Snow Shadow:Blue Liner, I switched over, and added a drop of Pure White to the mix.

I painted the tongues with Dragon Red, and the necklace, staff, and teeth with Rich Leather.

That was as far as I got the first sitting.

The second sitting (Friday), I worked only on the flesh. I used Imperial Purple for the skin, with increasing amounts of Snow Shadow for the highlights. I also glued them to bases.

Saturday I finished them off. The stones on the base, staff and necklace were painted with Mountain Stone, highlighted with Cloudy Grey. The eyes were painted with Frost Blue. The twine wrapped around the staff was painted with Tanned Leather and Driftwood Brown.

The skull and teeth were painted with Army Painter Bone, highlighted with Reaper Pure White mixed in.

The base was finished off with a bit of woodland scenics snow effects.

Of course, once I was done, I decided to go and do a little more. The necklace stones I repainted as bone, and then I added a brush of Pure White on the highest bits of fur.

Minis completed in 2018: 4


  1. They look pretty sharp without a lot of effort (based on the speed painting descriptor).
    Will you be submitting them to caffeineforge?

    1. Thanks for the heads up about that. I had no idea they were the upcoming mini!! I'm so behind on reading all the blogs I'm subscribed to...

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  3. Very effective! I have yet to use the Reaper liners.

    1. They are *THE* paints to use to base coat Bones minis! Blue, Grey, and Brown are amazing. Sepia doesn't stick quite as well. Haven't tried Green or Red yet.

    2. I really like the reaper paints too. Unfortunately the one shoppe I knew that carried them cleared them out (they seem to carry all the paint lines, so I guess they weren't quite as popular). I find the pigment gives good coverage and they are rarely annoying trend with a bunch of my vallejo paints.

    3. I've heard a lot of people say that about the liners. I use Army Painter primer and then just paint as normal. I'd like to try some for their intended purpose as well as a primer. I've been happy with Reaper paints and they are much easier to get than Vallejo here in the U.S. That said, I probably have 8 or more different brands of paint in my stuff!