Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Hobby Update

As the new year has started, it's a good time to take stock of where I'm at, and where I'd like to go hobby-wise.

First off, this is what's on my painting tray:

Frostgrave Heritor, Warden, and 5 Crew - They're coming along nicely, and will be done fairly quickly. I'm pleased with the progress I've made on them, and like how they're all shaping up.

The Halloween Knight is just about done, but the cloak and armor needs a little more blending.

Eye Beast - This guy was sitting around mostly as a way to sop up any spilled/excess paint. It reached the point though where he'd been completely covered, and so it was time to get him done. Now that I'm actually working on him, he's going quickly, and I expect that he'll be done soon.

Rogue Stars Figure (The Rogue) - Based and primed. Mostly I pulled him out so that I could test out the Happy Seppuku base stamp. I don't actually have any use for him at the moment, and so he might just end up going back in the case.

Random Sci-Fi Angry Chick (aka COBY5 - Ygrainne Assault Trooper from West Wind) - Same as above.

Projects that are on the drawing board, in order of importance:
1a. Weeping Angels TARDIS base
1b. Roller Derby Girl
2. Possible Commission job?
3. Basing all the minis I've done except for the bases
4. ??

I'm actually not sure what I want to work on next. Not that I need to worry about it at the moment. And I can always knock out some of the many many Bones I've got. Practice working on faces, and doing skin tones.

I also have a fairly deep shelf-of-shame, mostly half (if that) painted minis from a decade ago. A few might need to be stripped, but I think I can work from the blocked in colors already on them.

At work, I'm still painting lizardmen. I brought my paint kit with me as I traveled for the holiday, but never actually pulled it out to work on anything. After I finish up the lizardmen, I'm going to move onto skeletal undead. I've got a bunch from the various Bones kickstarters, plus some Mantic skeletons. Those should keep me busy, but also be easy enough for work.

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