Tuesday, January 2, 2018

2017 (and December) in Review

That's it! 2017 is done and over with. Auld lang syne has been sung, kisses shared, resolutions made, and fireworks have terrified the dogs. But before we move on to 2018, let's take a look back at the year overall and December specifically.

First up, Last Year's Goals:
  • Paint more minis (1 a week would be great!) Close!!
  • Wrap up the Frostgrave terrain challenge Sort of? Challenge shifted as I gave away most of my terrain.
  • Play more D&D and Frostgrave Rousing Success! (at least for D&D)
  • Get session reports written up faster and posted! Sort of... Better than before
  • Hike more Up until I moved, yes. Since, no. Lots of visits to the park though.
  • Go to ReaperCon again, and get a silver Yes on the first, no on the second, but I got closer this year!
New goals for 2018 after I wrap up the monthly update...

Managed to squeeze in a couple of 5e sessions, though I have now lost 2 of my regular players due to moves. Hopefully the core of the group will be able to continue on, and we'll pick up a player or 2 to make up for the loss.

Stonehell has now seen the second level completed, and the party has hired the kobolds to dig out an access tunnel to a sublevel that I still need to map. We actually got together to play a game in person again over the Christmas break, and they've gotten seriously lucky in the places they've visited. We'll see if that continues.

I finished up 4 of the lizardmen that I've been painting at work. I also wrapped up the Medusa, Devona (Belle), Almaran, and the wraith. That brings my total completed minis for the year to 49.

Not bad! Still need to write up some of the posts on them. Here's a few closer pics.

Starting off the year I've got the rest of the lizardmen to finish up, the Frostgrave Ghost Archipelago crew, and the Eye Beast that I've been poking at but not really focusing on. I also found a couple of minis that really need to come off the shelf of shame soon. Plus I've got 3 minis I need to paint up as gifts. Ideally to be done before March. They'll be next.

Lots of reading this month! Even allowing for a week off between Xmas and New Years...
Farthing by Jo Walton - Alt-History murder mystery. Not sure that the story was good enough to justify a story in which Hitler is the dictator of Europe until at least 1949.
Robin Hood Hacker Collection by Carolyn McCray - Fun, but good gods is it silly
The Art of the Impossible (Star Trek: The Lost Era, 2328-2346) by Keith R.A. DeCandido - As even, one of the best Star Trek writers.
One Constant Star (Star Trek: The Lost Era 2319) by David R. George III - Solid story
Frostgrave: Ghost Archipelago: Tales of the Lost Isles - Decent short stories, but nothing that I would recommend unless you were a fan of the game already.
Déjà Dead (Temperance Brennan, #1) - So different from the TV show... I hear the writing gets better.

Goals for the New Year!
  • Continue to paint at work, and try to finish 2+ minis/month from that
  • Get more tabletop gaming in! (Frostgrave I'm looking at you)
  • Attend the monthly New England Paint Day at least semi-regularly
  • Build a photo background thing and use it to show off my minis!

Hope that you all have an amazing 2018!

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