Wednesday, January 24, 2018

I'm just done with Devona

I'm really not happy with some/most of this mini. The more time I've spent with it, the more I dislike it, but it is done... or at least as done as I'm going to get her.

The Good:
One thing I am happy with is the way I painted her head. While not my best work, I think I pulled off the look I was aiming for. She's rather washed out in the picture, so the blush in her cheeks doesn't show up really at all, but I'm happy with it in person. Same with her hair. Not sure I quite managed to get the jeweled hair net thing right, but it was a neat bit to paint.

I also think I managed to capture the Belle from Beauty and the Beast look I was aiming for. Clearly this is years later, after she finds a spell book in the library.

The Bad:
It's mostly that it's just such a weird mini. First off, her pose is weird. She's sort of leaning against the staff rather than holding it. And for the way her shoulders and head are positioned, there should be more hip action going on.

Aside from the weird way she's standing, why is she wearing plate under a ballgown? And how exactly is she holding the staff?

Ugh, the detail on the gloves and skirt are too fiddly to bother fixing. I know I can do better, but I don't want to spend the time and effort.

You can buy Devona by clicking on the link, but really, I'd say skip it! There are better figures out there.

Figures Completed in 2018: 5
(she was actually finished in 2017, so doesn't count toward this years total)

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  1. You know, it really is an odd fig. One wonders if it's any better in metal, but its hard to imagine it's better where it counts.