Saturday, January 20, 2018

Review: GW Figure Holder

I picked up the Games Workshop figure holder a while back because I wasn't entirely thrilled with my home made alternative. The hot glue sticking the base of the mini to the cork was sticking just a little too well, and I broke a couple of bases trying to get them off.

So when GW came out with a figure holder, sorry, Painting Handle, and it was shockingly reasonably priced, I decided to make use of my discount at the FLGS to get it even cheaper, and give it a try. It's the first GW thing I've bought in a decade, and I'm really happy I did.

The holder fits comfortably in my hand, and the shape makes it easy to twist and even hold it upside down. I really like the fact that it isn't a straight holder, but has a flared bulbous base. I'm undecided if I want it to have a little more weight or not, especially toward the bottom. It isn't prone to tipping over, but when I move my paint tray from the table to the shelf, I usually lay the figure holder flat to that it doesn't accidentally tip over, and maybe hit something else on the tray.

As for holding figures, it easily fits any base up to 2" across. I've even tried it with a variety of Bones minis that have weird shaped bases. Once a figure is in, it's in. I've even done some shaking, and as long as I don't get ridiculous, the minis stay put.

Loading the minis is probably the biggest... maybe only issue I have with it so far. You have to put the mini on the holder, and then use both hands to pull the grips apart, while the mini then drops/slides into the grip. It works, but, I feel like there might be better ways to do it.

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