Saturday, January 13, 2018

Art and Re-Skinning

One of the joys of running games at my FLGS The Brooklyn Strategist is that I never know for sure who's going to show up at my table. My current roster includes some artists who sketch during the game.

This is a picture of a demon larva and the player's tiefling bard.

This is one of the "norkers" (actually a nothic, but I called it the wrong name, and it stuck) the party encountered a while ago. 3 more of them appeared in this week's session, along with some gricks (both normal and a couple of Alphas).

Of course, none of those monsters are ever described as they exist in the MM. The gricks in my game had armored eyes at the end of each tentacle. For some reason eyeball monsters have been a staple of my games...

As game was breaking up, one of my players was talking about the flying multi-tentacle mouthed monster they fought a couple of sessions back.

"You mean the hydra?" I asked.

"That was a hydra?"

I do so love re-skinning monsters, even when it's just a minor little tweak to make things just different enough...

I do need to be better at having things ready for game though.

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