Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Countdown to Infinity War: The Incredible Hulk

Coming hot off the heels of Iron Man, comes Edward Norton as The Incredible Hulk! And it was... well, somewhat less than incredible. Which is a shame, because I always rather liked Edward Norton as an actor, but he just don't manage to pull it off as convincingly as Mark Ruffalo.

Coming back to this movie was almost like seeing it for the first time. It's been nearly a decade since I saw it, and I think I only ever watched it the once in the theater, and never again...

I'm not sure that was entirely fair of me. I mean, yes, this film has its flaws, but it isn't bad. Hell, if DC could manage to put out a film of this quality on a regular basis, their Justice League would be on much firmer footing. But when held up against Iron Man, it really does fall short. Not helping it is Liv Tyler's breathy performance. At this point I wonder if she's capable of speaking in a normal voice...

Tim Roth as Blonsky/The Abomination was actually a lot of fun. I totally bought him in that role. Similarly William Hurt as General Ross made a great background/mastermind type villain.

We also get some fun hints about what's coming up with the talk about the Super Soldier project! I also enjoyed all the fun little easter eggs, from Lou Ferrigno as the security guard to the opening credits mirroring the opening to the old TV show.

All in all, probably not a movie I'll be rewatching again anytime soon, but I think skipping it entirely would have been a mistake.

Next Up: Iron Man 2!

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